Karmapa on Devotion • 虔敬

Naturally, when you see the qualities of the lama’s presence, or see the way the lama’s activity manifests, your perception could be transformed. That is what devotion does: it carries your mind along. Devotion is the shortest way to quickly realize the ultimate nature. If it could be found in a few words or verbal explanations, then everyone would realize the essence of the dharma nature. But this is not something you can find in words. It is primarily a question of whether you have transformed the deluded appearances in your mind. It depends upon whether your mind has been carried along by devotion. So let your mind be carried! I can only offer my hopes and prayers.

自然地,當你看到上師功德的特質又或是看到上師事業的展現方式時,你的觀念將可被轉化。那就是虔敬的作用 : 它懾持你的心。虔敬是證悟究竟實相最快捷的一個法門。假如虔敬能在隻字片語或說話描述中找到,那麼每個人都應證悟到法性的精髓了,但這並不是一些可以在字裡行間能找得到的東西。最基本的問題在於你是否已轉化心中迷惑的顯現,這正建基於你的心是否已被虔敬所懾持。就讓你的心被懾持吧 ! 我只能夠給予我的期盼和祝願。